Wealth Creation – How to make your money work for you

Wealth Creation - How to make your money work for you

Often we don’t have the money to do the things we would like to do, we always don’t have the money and that’s why we have a lifelong craze to chase the big dollar. Although we try our best, we seem to find no way out of this swamp. This is probably because our priorities are misplaced. So the big question is how can we break through in this area of ​​making money?

Growing up, our parents and teachers instilled in us a mindset that dictated a pattern of wealth creation, which for lack of better terms we could call slavery. We have taken these mindsets into adulthood.

Ask any average person and they will tell you unequivocally that the only way to success is to work. The truth is that work, while good and important, limits one’s potential and creativity. Working simply means working for someone else. You have no option in employment, you have to keep working in order to earn. If you stop working, you stop making money.

As for those who do business, the mindset is always based on selling goods. These ways, while important, are not the only ways to create wealth.

We need to move beyond working for money, to a place where money starts working for us. This means that even if you stop working, you are still making money. A business idea would be trading stocks in the stock market, buying government bonds (lending to the government), doing multi-level marketing activities where you depend on your network and of course online business such as affiliate marketing.

It is time we broadened our minds to enable other ways of wealth creation.

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